Top Three Holiday Dress Trends for 2013

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holiday fashion trendAlthough last year’s dress was fun and comfortable enough to wear to the various holiday parties your attended, the pressure to find the perfect dress again thickens as the holiday season quickly approaches. Holiday parties require special clothes. However, it is unfortunate that the styles and dress selections change every season. To help your search be more productive and less stressful, here are the top three holiday dress trends to focus and shop for during this year’s holiday season.

• Sparkle and Shine: One staple fashion statement to make this Christmas is to include an element of sparkle and shine into your holiday wardrobe. The way to do so would to be wear a full slip (like this one:, sparkle embellished undergarment. The subtleness of a shine infused edging found on satin or lace slips can be the final accessory to complete your holiday look.

• Simple and Sweet: There’s nothing better than know that your perfect holiday dress not only functions as an undergarment, but it can be worn by itself. Wearing a thick, full slip creates not only a protective layer between fabrics and skin, but many people opt to choose to wear their full slip as a simple, sweet, and curve-hugging dress instead. This season, holiday dress trends mimic the look of a full slip, but are crafted from a thicker material to maintain a woman’s mystery and respectability.
• Statement Shoes: Statement shoes such as metallic colored ones are the perfect complement to a simple, full slip inspired dress. These sheen metallic statement shoes are sure to spark envy in onlookers and party goers alike, while giving you that edgy and sophisticated holiday look.

Gone are the days of boring, little black dresses representing the holiday spirit for this year’s theme style. This season, dresses are made to make statements with their sparkle and shine. From floor length to cocktail dresses, this year’s holiday dress trends need not be restricted to the colors of red or green. Anything goes this season, so make sure that you wear bold, shiny colors to your holiday functions and festivities to make that fashion statement you made in previous years.

Holiday dress trends come and go, but the main point is to be bold during the holiday season and should not be treated as every other day. Take a chance. Make a statement. This year, make the holiday season full of fun and laughter.

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Buying Ink Cartridges Online to Save Money

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Whether you are looking for ink or toner, you know that trying to find the right cartridges at a reasonable price can be very difficult. Printing manufacturers place a large amount of money towards the printing cartridges, as this is how they see a lot of their profits. As a consumer you are stuck with large surcharges, not only put on by the printing companies, but also by the stores that are selling the ink cartridges. Finding the right printer cartridges can be a difficult task, but with the right research you can find affordable ink cartridges, or ink cartridge refills.

Printer ink has been something that has stalled projects for many years. Even with all of the advancements in our modern technology, we still need printer ink. With the lack of printer ink, important projects can be delayed, and deadlines can be missed. Don’t be caught in these ink traps.

There are many ways to find good deals on ink cartridges without having to pay large prices. Buying online is probably the wisest way of doing this. When you are buying in the stores, you are always going to have to pay high prices. When it comes to online stores, is one of the best online stores out there. They offer cartridges for all major brands of printers at an affordable price. They also offer paper, printers, remanufactured ink cartridges, and ink cartridge refills. Ink cartridge refills and remanufactured ink cartridges are a somewhat new idea in the world of printing that can help you save money on your ink costs.

Ink cartridge refills give you the ability to use your existing ink cartridge and just send it in to get refilled. This is a fraction of the cost that it would be to buy a new ink cartridge all together. The same goes for remanufactured ink cartridges. Remanufactured ink cartridges are just as good as new ink cartridges, and provide amazing printing results. These two ways of getting new ink into your printer can save you a lot of money.

You don’t have to put a giant hole in your wallet anymore when you are looking for new ink cartridges. By buying online at you are able to choose through a variety of different options for getting new ink into your printer. Whether you are looking to refill your cartridges, buy remanufactured in cartridges, or just buy new cartridges all together, you are going to be able to save large amounts of money by buying online at Buying online is the way to go for savings, and you will be sure to find those on Take advantage of their low prices today.

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Do You Need Brother Ink Cartridges?

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Do you want to save money on your Brother ink cartridges? No matter what kind of Brother product you have, 123 inkjets can save you 40% to 80% off the retail price. The low price enables you to stock up on your Brother ink cartridges so that you never run out of ink. offers remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges. These cartridges produce the same quality photo and text printing as the regular Brother ink cartridges for a fraction of the price.

123inkjets started providing quality low cost ink cartridges in 1999. The goal was to offer consumers the lowest prices on all of their ink cartridge purchases. They ship your ink cartridge the same day and only offer the highest quality products.

In other good news, you can track your order if it is within the United States by logging in to your 123inkjets account. (Unfortunately, tracking numbers are not available for orders going to Canada… yet!) Orders to the United States will arrive within 5 to 10 says. Orders shipped to Canada can take 6 to 12 days due to the packages having to go through customs.

All of their ink cartridges come with a 1 year guarantee. If there is ever anything wrong with your ink cartridge, they will replace it free of charge–as long as the cartridge is at least 70% full or unopened. You don’t even need to keep the receipt! They want you to be able to stock up on your ink and not have to worry about it not working when you use it in 6 to 8 months.

If you have stocked up on ink cartridges for your printer and you purchase a different printer within the year, they will gladly exchange your cartridges. If you need to return or exchange you ink cartridges visit theirwebsite to download a return form.

They guarantee safe, secure shopping on their site. This means that you never have to worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands. They have a staff of friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents to help you with any questions.

The remanufactured ink cartridges are environmentally friendly. Join their mailing list, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for special sales, discounts and coupons for even more savings!

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Decorating for Christmas Without Crowding the Table

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Christmas table decorations can sometimes be overwhelming when thinking at all the beautiful dishes that will be added to the table for dinner. Creating a classic look of Christmas elegance can be easily done to ensure your guests feel the magic of Christmas when they sit down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

When thinking of how you are going to create a festive ambiance for the holidays, you mustn’t forget that tables need decorating too. Christmas table decorations are very easy to come by, however, you mustn’t overdo it for fear of not having enough space for the meal.

For some, creating a cluster of red or gold candles on holly leaves can set the tone for a magical Christmas table. Pillar candles can be arranged in sets of three and placed in the center of the table. Depending on how large the table is that you are decorating, you may even be able to pair up a few sets of gold or red candles so that everyone at the table can enjoy the decorations.

Minimalism is key when considering Christmas table decorations. Getting a few glass cylinders and some pretty ball ornaments, you can place the ornaments in the glass cylinders instead of candles and place a few tea light candles around a group of glass pillars. You can also use one large glass pillar and place it in the center of a wreath on the table. Using a fresh wreath as the centerpiece can really add to the ambiance of the Christmas season. 

Other ideas for table decorations include a wreath with glass ornaments sitting inside of it, candelabras, or even pillar candles with thick coordinating ribbon wrapped around the center. Mixing homemade crafts with modern touches can also create unique table centerpieces.

Place settings can be a struggle for some, but its easiest when using plain white plates and napkins with a homemade card or even a simple glass ball ornament with the person’s name on it. You must decide if you want the centerpiece to stand out – or the place setting. In order to create a classic look, it really is best to keep place settings minimal so that the beautiful centerpiece will stand out.

Creating Christmas table decorations is a part of the magic and joy that Christmas brings. Without much effort, you can create a beautiful and classic table decoration without making the table look crowded.


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Where to find Great Deals on Brother Ink

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Okay, so we pretty much are all in agreement that Brother makes the best ink. But it can be a pain to hike out to the nearest supplier and shell out a pretty penny.

With online shopping becoming an increasingly popular choice, you’ve probably turned to the internet for ideas. Well, good news! I’ve done all the hard work for you (you’re welcome ;) ) and found an awesome (and affordable!) resource for your printing needs. I’m confident it will become your one-stop-shop for all the best deals on computer printer cartridges and ink jet refills. At 123Inkjets, you can find the very best deals on Brother ink cartridges.

The truth is that most computer manufacturers don’t want you to know that there are other options beyond simply buying the products and accessories that they recommend. The reason they make these recommendations in the first place is simple and easy enough to understand: they want to keep all of the profits under one roof! So when you buy a computer from Brother, they will naturally recommend that you purchase only Brother ink cartridges to use with that computer. It’s simple common sense for them to want their customers to use only Brother products.

However, there is a difference between common sense for a corporation, and common sense for a consumer and the place where interests coincide least of all is in your wallet. Let’s suppose that you have a choice between purchasing only the products, like Brother ink cartridges, that your computer’s manufacturer recommends and purchasing other compatible products that cost less. Wouldn’t you agree that it is unquestionably the smart choice to purchase the less expensive items?

Sites like have all the products and accessories that you need to keep your computer running smoothly. On top of that, you can also save a lot of money by choosing to use remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges that are just as well-suited as their brand name counterparts.

So why, now that you have discovered the truth (shocking, I know!), what are you waiting for? Declare your economic independence and use compatible and remanufactured products!

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Having the right Christmas home decor is important when having guests over; certain people celebrate certain events, so it’s important to try and keep things minimal and keep their particular interests in mind.  Let’s take a look at a few aesthetic pieces to focus on, and how they can help accentuate a warm, tranquil mood.

  • Seating

When it comes to seating areas, there are certain things that should be considered. Firstly, how many people can sleep in your holiday home? You should have enough seating to comfortably accommodate all those who can sleep there. The seats should be comfortable, but also easily washable so that and accidents can be dealt with easily. You may also want to think about a variety of seating, maybe a sofa and chairs, but also a more supportive chair in case there are any guests who have mobility problems. tfh5w753e6u

  • Beds

Now when it comes to beds, comfy is the way to go. If you are not happy to sleep in the beds, then your guests won’t be either. The problem isn’t with the type of bed, just that you need to get the best you can afford to buy. But, it isn’t just about the bed, it is also about the bed clothes. If you have stayed in your holiday home at various points in the year, you will know how hot or cold it may get a night. You should take this into consideration when buying bed clothes. A thick and a thin duvet would be a good idea, so that you can interchange them depending on the season.

  • Other Furnishing

There are other things that may need your attention. Have you got enough wardrobe space for everyone? What about cupboard space? If your holiday home is near the beach or a well-known location, some themed items will make it fell special.

You don’t have to go over the top with your holiday home decor, but maybe some old photographs of the area, or some local art or antiques will really make a difference.

If you are just using the holiday home yourself, then you have the ability to choose a certain type of holiday home decor you want. However, when having guests over it’s important that you consider their interests too.

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Pretty Printing

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Everyone who owns a business knows that having a great printer, something you can rely on without the headache you’d get from a cheaper model, is a huge boon. Not only does it help your productivity, but, even on an individual employee level, your employees will feel better about their work. A malfunctioning or poorly made printer is a huge source of stress for a workplace, and a big first step you can make towards ensuring your workplace doesn’t deal with that stress is to always have ink on hand.

Printer ink comes in several varieties: from Lexmark, to Epson, and even Brother printer ink, the ink your printer needs will be a very specialized product. Almost every big box office store will have a large selection of ink for you to choose from; if you can’t find your specific ink at a nearby brick and mortar store, outlets like Amazon online will provide you with another option to get your ink. There’s a trick, though, to saving as much money as possible while getting consistent and durable ink for your printer. That secret is to buy remanufactured cartridges.

When an ink cartridge is used up, it gets recycled by your favorite office supply store. When the cartridge is recycled, it’s taken apart and the ink reservoir inside is refilled with new ink. You get the exact same, brand new ink that you’d get by buying the more expensive ‘new’ cartridge, but you save money. Even if you’re just printing things out at home, cutting forty percent from your yearly brother printer ink expenditure could be a big step towards the vacation you were planning.

Remanufactured ink cartridges are sold chiefly online, so it’s a good rule of thumb to buy four or more cartridges at a clip. This keeps your shipping costs as low as possible, and means that you’ll always have a backup cartridge and never be stuck waiting on a post office shipment to print what you need. This is especially helpful when dealing with time sensitive information and forms – in many cases, being even a day over the deadline on such matters could be a huge cost, both personally and professionally.

Whether you choose to buy a new cartridge or a remanufactured cartridge, brother printer ink technology is improving every year. Even compared to twelve months ago, cartridges you buy today have a denser ink: the pictures will look clearer, and you’ll get more print jobs out of a single cartridge. This makes shopping for ink a much easier process, and keeps the stress level down and under control, both in the office and at home. Click here to learn more.

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Hosting the Most Memorable Baby Shower

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selecting your baby shower party invitations

Selecting a Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers are the perfect time to think creatively about hosting the most memorable party. Begin with solid plans, from the design of your baby shower invitations, to the decorations, menu and guests’ party favors. A memorable baby shower is unique and offers new as well as traditional activities that expectant parents and guests look forward to. Search for themes that emphasize the date of baby’s birth. For a winter birth, choose a winter wonderland theme. For spring, a shower of spring flowers helps accent colors, designs and menus. Create these with baby in mind. Baby shower invitations should fit in with the planned theme. Guests love that their invitations are a clue to what they can expect when they attend the baby shower of a relative or friend.

Menu Planning for a Baby Shower

Menus for baby showers don’t have to be the traditional buffet supper arrangement. Why not plan a baby shower brunch instead? An old fashioned English high tea menu is simple and gracious. For less traditional menus, try a southwestern fiesta supper. Summer outdoor living is perfect for garden menus that are light and refreshing. Don’t be afraid to create a menu with non-traditional foods instead of the usual salads and sandwiches. For instance, a full complement of canapés and petit fours are satisfying when they are enjoyed from a gracefully appointed buffet table. For baby showers in the garden, sweet teas accompanied by finger sandwiches of pate, water cress and cucumber are delightful detours guests enjoy. For dessert, offer several types of fruit sorbets and custard pastries or fill guests’ glasses with a partially frozen cafe au lait.

A casual baby shower menu might include a complete Italian menu of toasted olive and garlic buns slathered with fresh bruschetta for appetizers. A special Italian punch made from orange sherbet, lemon, raspberry and almond liqueurs is a perfect beverage for this menu. For the entree, offer paper thin flank steak rolls stuffed with mozzarella cheese and pasta. If southwestern food is a regional favorite, create a buffet of empanadas, tacos and for dessert, an almond and coconut pudding mold. Sangria makes the perfect libation for this type of baby shower menu.

Baby Shower Activities – New and Old

Before ordering your custom baby shower invitations from an online shop, and before sending them out, ask each guest to send their response with a copy of an old photo of themselves as a baby. Before baby gifts are opened and the traditional baby shower cap is strung with gift ribbons, give each guest one copy of a baby photo. It’s fun to guess which “baby” is a guest. It’s even funnier to see how many guests have been given a copy of themselves as babies. Another fun activity is to have each guest purchase an inexpensive rattle, pacifier or other baby item, wrap it and place it in a wishing well. Give each wrapped item to the baby’s mom to try and guess what the wrapped item could be.

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A Basic Guide to Buying Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges Online

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Buying cheap printer ink cartridges can be very confusing, and although there are many stores that claim to offer the best prices, they may not necessarily be offering a good deal. There are several factors that people must remember when they are buying printer products online.

Always Consider Buying Remanufactured Cartridges
Cheap printer ink cartridges are usually taken apart and recycled. All of the components are checked thoroughly, this includes the corona wire assembly, drum, wiper and roller blade. Any part that has deteriorated or been damaged is exchanged for a component that is working properly.

The cartridge is then thoroughly cleaned. At the same time, a new printer head is installed before putting it back together and filling it with ink. Remanufactured cartridges are available at a number of discount ink cartridge stores and are cheaper because the ink is the only part that is new.

These cartridges are also good for the environment. This is because the majority of their parts are reusable. Many remanufactured cartridge suppliers are very reliable. They also offer quality toner that surpasses or meets OEM standards. These ink cartridges can be remanufactured a number of times before they need to be restored.

Color Ink Cartridges Are More Expensive

Because a black ink cartridge only contains one ink reservoir for a single color ink, color ink cartridges are always more expensive.

However, many color cartridges contain three reservoirs for magenta, yellow and blue. People can save ink and money by investing in a printer that features a separate cartridge for every color.

Always Order in Bulk
Many online companies offer corporate, military, educational and individual discounts on orders that exceed $200, and a number of stores only sell bundles of ink cartridges at reduced prices. At the same time, some online ink stores provide free shipping if a customer spends a certain amount of money. Bulk discounts and free shipping can be a very good combination to help save money.

Combine Discount Coupon Codes with Special Promotions
In addition to free shipping and bulk orders, discount coupon codes combined with promotions make ink cartridges very cheap. People who are out to by a particular ink cartridge for their printer are more likely to find a promotion available.

A promo may apply to a wide variety of things, such as other supplies and paper. Additionally, coupon codes and online promotional offers are other great ways to save on bulk.

Generic Cartridges Versus Printer Manufacturer Cartridges
Many printer manufacturers also have their own variety of ink cartridges. However, this does not mean that a compatible version would not work with a printer. People just have to have some knowledge of what they are buying. Usually, manufacturer cartridges contain quality ink. However, they come with much higher prices.

Finding cheap printer ink cartridges may be hard at first, but people can make their search a little bit easier with these tips and a little bit of research.

Click here to find high-quality, cheap printer ink cartridges.

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Steps to the Perfect First Birthday Party

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There are absolutely no chances that a baby will remember his first birthday, but none the less, you still want it to be special because, well, it is the first one after all. But, with so many details to think about and so many things to plan, how do you make it as special as you’d like it to be? What are the steps to having a wonderful first birthday party?

The first thing you need to go through, is your budget. Before you can plan a menu or ponder whether to do it at home or rent a location, you need to make sure your budget will be enough for what you’re planning. Once you’ve figure out what you can afford and how many guests you’ll receive, then, you can move forward to the next steps:

Choosing a Theme

Your baby may be just one year old but you can be sure he will enjoy having the characters from her favorite shows around to celebrate with her.

Choose your Location

Most parties are done at home because if baby gets tired, you can easily put him down to sleep. If the weather allows it, a park can be a pretty good place to host the party as all the kids can run free and unbridled.

Buy your Birthday Invites Online

There are many privileges in buying your birthday invitations online. You will be able to personalize your cards with a cute picture of your child – or whatever you fancy- that you know with melt everybody’s heart as well as being able to make different kinds and chose the one you want.

The online birthday invites are made by professionals, so you know you’ll get what’s best without going broke. And the cards will come to you, delivered to your door.

Good Food and Good Entertainment

Keep everyone busy with a diverse assortment of finger foods along with light, healthy snacks and drinks for the kids. A magician or a puppet show will make the joy of any child, of any age.

Give Everyone Something to Remember

Party favors are a crucial part of any birthday party. It is the last piece of wonderment people will bring home with them, reminding them of the wonderful time they had.

And lastly, do not forget to have your camera always on, to capture every single moment of your baby’s first party.

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Tips For Picking Out Wedding Shower Invitations

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wedding shower ideasA wedding is an exciting event that is usually one of the most memorable occasions in a person’s life. However, the excitement is not all about the big day, but also the parties and events that lead up to it. Bridal showers are a fun way for brides to celebrate with friends, while also stocking up on things they might need for married life. But before the cake can be cut and presents opened, the bride will need to choose some wedding shower invitations.

Many people will simply go to the nearest party store or supermarket to pick out their invites. This option is easy, as there are already many premade cards to choose from. Premade cards do not involve much creativity, so people that want their invitations to be unique will have to explore some of the other options.

For truly unique and creative wedding shower invitations the bride can make them at home. Anyone that is good at arts and crafts can likely come up with a cool, unique design that will set their invitations apart from ones purchased in a store. This shows the guests that the bride really cares and has put some thought into the process.

The internet is another great resource for wedding shower invitations. Not only are there more options to choose from, but people can add their own unique message to pre-fabricated templates. This allows for some creativity and individuality without all of the hassle of a full-blown art project.

An important thing to think about when choosing bridal shower invitations is the theme. Some women choose to go with a humorous approach, which can help to make a connection with friends, or even an adult theme – although this might not be appropriate for all groups. The bride can incorporate her favorite color, or something unique about her personality that her guests will appreciate and enjoy.

People that are really pressed for time might just send out an electronic invitation. These often use graphics and video in place of writing and paper. Nearly everyone has an email address at this point, so the e-vite is a valid option.

There are many things to think about when picking out bridal shower invitations. They give the bride a chance to show her personality and do something special that people will remember. A bridal shower is one of the most important parts of a wedding and the right invitations will help make it even more special.

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How to Write a Spectacular Birthday Invitation

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Like many other social gatherings, birthday parties start with the invitation. So it’s important that the invitation is visually appealing, interesting, and conveys information to the guests in a clear and effective manner. Skipping over the important facts meant to be in a birthday invitation may lead to confusion among the guests, and disaster at the party itself. You can find a wide variety of invitations: some can be handmade and colored (usually employed in birthday parties for children), or you can purchase a pack of invitations at your local craft or party store; you may even be able to find samples and templates on the Internet. Use this article to create the perfect invitation and turn the birthday party into a major success.

birthday invitations, birthday invites

Although it may seem obvious, you should definitely include the age of the birthday boy or girl, usually placed in large, bold, and eccentric numbers to catch the reader’s attention. The name of the person celebrating their birthday should also be placed somewhere around the age. The time, date, and location of the event should also be listed; if necessary, give clear and easy directions to the location to aid guests and avoid misunderstanding. Themes are the backbone of some children’s parties, ranging anywhere from dinosaurs to dogs to space and aliens. It is important to alert the recipient of the invitation of the theme right away, either in the decoration and format of the card, or blatantly stated somewhere on it. Sometimes the birthday boy or girl may not even know about the party, so if you are planning a surprise party, make sure to bold that to prevent overexcited aunts from spilling the beans.

In the modern age of rapidly advancing technology and Internet, some people may be tempted to send an invitation via email or social media sites, but it is much more personal to send one in a letter, and the recipient would be able to hang it on the fridge for reminders, and receive some happy mail instead of heavily weighted bills.

Planning a birthday party can get really hectic, really quickly, so it is worth spending time on birthday invitations to avoid unneeded stress and misunderstandings. It can also set the stage for what is about to be an awesome and exciting birthday party, generating excitement and energy among your potential guests.

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Baby Fashion Must-Haves for Spring

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When it comes to being trendy in the springtime, baby clothes don’t often come immediately to mind. But for the mom who wants her kids to be as fashion-forward as she is, baby fashion trends are all the rage as the snow melts and the weather warms up. Bring on the cute and cuddly baby clothes that are just snuggly enough to make anyone say ‘Awww’ and wave a happy goodbye to a gloomy winter.

Trendy baby clothes are the thing in spring, making it the perfect time of year for moms everywhere to show off their adorable little ones in the frilly, oh so sweet baby garments that we’ve been dreaming of all winter long. From the softest bodysuits to everyday easy shirts and shorts, trendy baby clothes this season are all about comfort and take-me-home cuteness.
spring baby clothes

What is cuter than a baby’s first pair of jeans? Soft and super comfy, baby jeans are stepping out this spring in big ways. Gone are the stretchy pants that make even babies yawn, and here to stay are the grown-up inspired styles in the form of super soft denim, tiny pullovers, cuddly and soft polos, cardigans, and tiny jackets that will make anyone’s heart melt. Babies have never looked so cute and cozy even as they take over the fashion world alongside their moms.

Even the moms who want to stick to traditional classic baby styles can still take advantage of spring trends for baby clothes. Anyone who loves the classic baby pjs will be thrilled to see they are trendier than ever, with a snug-fit design built for movement and snuggling all night long. Bodysuits take on fashionable trendy colors, so little baby girls and boys can still look oh so cute in their easy styles. Even baby shoes are coming a long way, from simple booties that make your baby’s first shoes look so adorable to trendy sneakers for the little ones not even crawling. Any mom who is fashion conscious can style her little one from head to toe and allow them to still fulfill their sense of tradition at the same time.

Colors are everything in the spring, and soft pastels are twisting with the bolder colors popular among fashion. Pairing neon and bright colors with the traditional blue, pink, yellow, brown, and orange pastels everyone familiarizes with their tiny tykes makes their cute babies look more fashion-forward than ever. Moms who love color can delight in hot pink tops for their darling little girls and bright green t-shirts for their little boys. Paired with the season’s cutest baby denim-inspired pants, any baby looks hot to trot and cute as a button as the weather warms up.

An effortless, easy style is super easy and fun to create for babies this time of year. With spring being a season of the most adorable trendy baby clothes around, any mom can put her best fashion foot forward and let her baby look as precious as can be. For moms who want their babies to look as amazing as they do, spring fashion trends are sure to delight everyone with the sweetest styles around.

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Military-Themed Baby Clothes

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military baby clothes

Camouflage Bodysuits

These bodysuits can be found in many military surplus stores and they’re comfortable for the baby to wear. Complement the baby’s camouflage bodysuit by having him wear a beige or khaki hat and some brown socks or booties. If you love baby military clothing, you should buy at least six pairs of camouflage bodysuits.


Red Military Jackets

If you have a toddler, red military jackets are a good choice. Decorate her red military jacket by ironing a picture of your spouse on the front of it if he or she is serving in the military.  Another idea is to sew some blue and white gemstones on it for a patriotic feel to it. Complement the jacket by having her wear a denim skirt or jeans with flip-flops or slip-on shoes if it is cold with socks.



Another way to dress your baby like the military is to have him wear berets during the summer months to protect his head and eyes from the harsh sun rays. When you purchase berets, make sure they are made of high quality fabrics and that the berets are also durable. Some good colors for berets include green, khaki, red, beige, and black.


Mini Combat Boots for Toddlers

If it’s the fall and winter months, you can purchase a few mini combat boots for your toddler to wear with her jeans, T-shirt, and military jacket. Toddlers outgrow shoe sizes quickly so when getting the shoes, you want to get them one size than the regular size. In addition, your toddler should try them on and have her feet measured so that you’ll know if the shoes are the right size.


Personalized Shirts with Message

One idea is to order a few personalized shirts that have messages that symbolize your support for our nation’s troops. The baby can wear these shirts in the summer and fall months, and you want to get the messages engraved on shirts that are made of breathable fabrics such as cotton.


Military-themed baby clothes is an excellent way to help your baby show his support for our military just by wearing clothing that is inspired by the military. You get the best discounts on these clothing at the military surplus stores but online retailers also carry these items at decent prices.

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Link: Retro Trends in Baby Clothes for Girls

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baby clothes, baby clothes trends, baby clothing online

You probably realize that baby clothes go through trends and fads just like adult clothing, and right now the trend in baby clothing is retro! Click the image to check out an article from about the retro trend in baby clothes for girls.

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